Friends of Chickoy Pura

Our friend and rock icon Chickoy Pura has been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and needs treatment immediately. Fans and friends are taking action to help Chickoy and his family.  

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Chickoy co-founded The Jerks in 1978. A lot of famous bands today point back to The Jerks as a major inspiration. 

"The bright side of this struggle is the overwhelming goodwill from a lot of people. It is so humbling and strengthening. It is keeping me strong in facing this challenge."

-- Chickoy Pura, Interview by Igan D'Bayan. 

“I’m still excited to play for as long as I can. My passion hasn’t changed. I love to play for the people.” 

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Who We Are

We are friends and fans of Chickoy Pura.

Where Will Your Donations Go?

The donations go directly to Chickoy Pura.